The Team

Linuxing in London is always a collective effort and was started in 2016 by Brian Byrne and David Ross. Simon Schofield helps out whenever his busy schedule allows it.

  1. Brian Byrne


Brian is a regular on the London technology scene and organiser of Linuxing In London. He co-organises Covent Garden Raspberry Pi Jam and the London JavaScript Community.

In the past he has managed floors of Mainframes, minis, networks and assorted high-end technologies for Banks and Blue chip companies since the 1980s. He discovered Linux in the early 1990s.

Nowadays he concentrates on the Internet of Things (IoT), some coding and Mobile apps. He dabbles with Docker, AWS, Amazon’s Alexa and a lot more.

He used to be good at Pub quizzes, once! He has an occasional Irish sense of humour and intermittent irreverence.

Brian is very, very keen on Twitter and Linux.

His Linux 101 class covers the history of operating systems from the Abacus to the Mainframe.

2. David Ross.


David has many hats, one as an entrepreneur building an open source fitness ecosystem, another as a Mozillian, yet one more as a keen privacy advocate.

He has been the Master of Ceremonies at Linuxing In London from the beginning, although is taking a deserved sabbatical to catch up with his many other activities.

David on

David on Twitter.

He is passionate about LGBT+ rights and is a campaigning LibDem.

3. Simon Schofield

Simon has always helped out at Linuxing In London when possible and has proven himself to be a thoroughly decent and trust worthy individual.

Apart from that and many other skills, Simon is an expert on analogue electronics and once worked for the great Texas Instruments!