Covid19, changes and sponsorship: Silicon Highway

2020 has turned out to be the weirdest of years that most of us have known in recent times and the effect of the Covid19 pandemic has been felt across the world. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this terrible virus.


To keep up with events we have had to adjust as well in two main ways.

Firstly, we transitioned early on in 2020 from physical events in London to virtual events, starting with a hands-on session from the GitLab expert, Michael Friedrich.


Thus far, We have hosted five on YouTube (the material still awaits editing our side!). They’ve been rather successful too, especially our Docker event with the maestro Elton Stoneman, which had 233 attendees.

Secondly, we’ve moved over from Meetup to Eventbrite, to better connect to the community and manage things properly (links on the site will be adjusted over the coming weeks).


On top of that Silicon Highway, a long-term elite NVIDIA partner, have graciously decided to sponsor us for 2020/2021 and we would like to particularly thank them for their foresight.


We did an extremely popular evening of NVIDIA technology in late 2019 and hope to do more in the coming months, if everything works out.

If you are interested in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or getting into those field then we heartily recommend their products, especially the Jetson Xavier NX. It is very good value yet powerful, naturally it runs Linux!

The Future

If you know someone with a good quality talk or a sensible company that wants to connect to a much wider community then please do contact Brian on Twitter via Direct Messages, in the first instance.

We shall be tidying up the website and fixing the material on YouTube soon(ish)!

In the meanwhile, please get plenty of good quality sleep, rest and we’ll see 2020 out togther!