April 2020: Virtual event – First time GitLab and CI/CD with Michael Friedrich

Last Wednesday was a great novelty for us, our very first virtual event via Zoom, we also streamed on YouTube to make the event as accessible as possible (thanks to Michael!).

We’ve done over 50 events in four years, however the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated a big change for us.


In some regards organizing virtual events was initially harder than the physical type, for the obvious reasons that we are well versed in the latter and managing everything across a WebCam is decidedly peculiar.

Our first virtual event one worked rather well with Michael Friedrich doing an introduction to GitLab and CI/CD, and it was rather popular with 53 Zoom attendees and 10 on YouTube.

The goodies

The YouTube video is here.

Michael’s slides.

And Michael’s repo for the event.

Questions and docs

The GitLab documentation starts here and there is an introductory section on CI/CD as well.

There was a question in the chat about this, GitHub vs. GitLab. They’ve written up a nice comparison here.


There is a generous free tier here (no credit card needed), which includes:

2,000 CI pipeline minutes per group per month on our shared runners
Unlimited private and public projects and unlimited collaborators
Community Support
Built-in CI/CD
Project Issue Board
View Kubernetes pod logs
Code intelligence by Sourcegraph